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ITEMS (Click on the colored text for details)

EX01  Brushless Exciter with PMG for Brush 47 mva generator Dwg
MP02 Lube oil pumps, tanks and cooler Spec  Dwg
MP05  Lube oil system with tank  pump cooler 4.5 gpm 15 psig (2) Spec

MP04 Magnet

​​MP07  C & D Battery Charger unused 120/240 V 1 phase ac to 125 vdc 

V06     Gimpel 6" class 900 oil operated trip throttle valve   Dwg

MP10  Alstom (GE) 2000 amps, 138 kv vertical gang operated switch, manual operator (2)

MP08  Ohio Brass 138 kv Surge arresters 108 kv, 88 kv MCOV, cat MVN108GA084AA (3) 

​MP09  Ohio Brass 138 kv Stand off insulators (10)

MP10  39 Ton Spreader Bar with multiple lifting points