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​​​​​​​C45  Basler Voltage regulator DECS-2200-1C (2)

​​​C28  Basler Automatic Synchronizer BE1-25A, Model  BE!-25A A2F5V3D1  unused

C44  Basler Automatic Synchronizer Relay BE1-25A Model BE!-25A A1F5V3D0  

C40  Basler digital excitation control system Decs-300-C0N0 Part number 9310300100  (4)

C41  Basler system stabilizer PSS-100-Z5 Power input 48-125vdc or  120 ac  (2)

C31  SEL 300G  Generator relay Part no  0300G11H425X4252XX (6)

C32 SEL 487E Transformer protection relay Relay Part # 0487E0X41111C0B4H644XXX  (9) 

C33  SEL551 Overcurrent Relcosing relay Part #  05510W3X5314 (30)

C34  SEL 751A Feeder protection relay  Part # 751A51A0XCA72851210  (30)

C35   SEL-2812MT Fiber Optic Transceiver with IREG-B  (8)

C36   GE DMP2 digital motor relay Part #  DMP2DP31A

C38   SEL 749M motor relay part  0749M01

C39   SEL 710 motor protection relay Part #  0710001ABA0X71860000 (2)


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