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T07  3750/4600 kva GE Substation oil filled transformer, Primary 13800 v , Secondary 4160Y/2400 v, Copper

T08  7500/10000 kva Prolec substation oil filled transformer Primary 13800 v, Secondary 4160Y/2400 v, Copper 

​​​T05  7500/10500 kva Unused ABB silicon filled substation transformer, 13800 v delta  to 2400 Y,  copper, 5.6% imp   

T01  15/20 MVA GE substation oil filled GSU transformer 34500 v  Grdy to 13.8  kv.   Test report

T02  20/37.22 MVA Unused ABB Generator step-up transformer oil filled outdoor substation type Primary 115000 y/66400 v

         Secondary 13800 v delta, imp 7.27%  Dwg

T06  33/61.6 MVA GE substation oil filled GSU transformer 230,000 GRY to 13.2 kv D